Jackie Halhead

I started to paint on China and Porcelain in 1973 simply for fun......which is what most students do. I found I loved it and decided to take it a lot more seriously by attending every class/course or seminar I could. I was lucky enough to work with many Artists trained in by some of the biggest companies in the "Potteies" including Royal Worcester. Eventually, in the early 80's my tutor at the time recommended me I  take up teaching the art in Adult Education and I have never looked back. It basically changed my life completely.

I have taught in Adult Education for over 25 years as well as here at the Wilmslow Guild. My tutoring has also taken me all around the UK teaching seminars and courses as well as to Ireland and the USA.

I started a club called The Bluebell China Painting Club and for many years I helped run it as well also producing 6 magazines a year for club members.

I am also the Chairman of the North West China Painters and for over 20 years have helped organise an annual residental weekend for painters as well as helping to run the North West China Painters Show..... more commonly known as The "Deanwater" Show...after the name of the Hotel.

For a good number of years I also taught Watercolours but, I also loved that too but Painting on China won out. I still watercolour for pleasure though.


Before Tutoring I spent over 12 Years studying and attending specialised courses on the various aspects of the Art of Painting on China. Plus I have continued throughout the years to keep increasing my knowledge where appropriate to help maintain and further personal development in the Art. I also have achieved a great number of Certificates covering the many varied subjects associated painting on china.

Amongst the many subjects I studied included the following subjects: Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Modern Techniques and Texture work, Lustre work, Pen and Wash style work, Traditional and Stylised Fruit. European Style painting,Raised Paste and Enamel Decoration, Flow Enamelling, as well as Naturalistic Floral designs, etc.....the list goes on. There is something for everyone in this wonderful art whether beginner or more experienced.

Water colours: I spent 10 Years studying Water colours as well as teaching it for  6 years teaching it in Adult Education.

Computer Course - I attended a course through SMBC which has proved very helpful with studies and notes for my students.

During my time teaching I have gained a very extensive knowledge in Desktop Publishing which resulted in purblishing a magazine for a club I helped run for many years. This also led to my love of digital photography, which is essential in my work. 


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