* 21st century transport: a vision for Cheshire Friday 15 November 2019

Transport policy and transport spending at national and local authority level in England is an example of public policy failure.  After decades of high quality research and discussion of how to improve quality of life and public health we have year-on-year growth in congestion, air pollution that kills c50,000pa and rampant growth in greenhouse gas emission from the transport sector.  We also have an epidemic (the word used by the World Health Organisation) of obesity, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes all linked to declining levels of physical activity and reduced walking and cycling.  This failure is much more expensive than the policies and interventions that work well to improve quality of life and public health.
Fortunately there is a lot of good news around the world showing how easy it is to change transport policy and spending and deliver the 3 zeroes:  zero death and injury in road traffic, zero air pollution and zero carbon.  I will show how these policies can be applied in Cheshire and suggest that the time is right to shape a sustainable transport future in Cheshire and do that now.
In this talk I will present information on what is being done to achieve success and demonstrate that we can all benefit from reductions in car use and large increases in walking, cycling and public transport.  We can do so much better than is currently the case and it will cost less.  Why is this so difficult for our politicians?
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Venue Wilmslow GuildWilmslow Guild
Day Friday
Time 19:30 - 19:30
Tutor John Whitelegg

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