Empires of the ancient world Thursdays 19.30 2018/19

Interested in Prehistoric mysteries, mighty civilizations, British archeology or the Greeks, Romans and Druids?  Then this 10-weeks course is ideal for you.
1].  Prehistoric Mysteries Of Malta & Gozo: 20 September
An intriguing and intimate investigation of the oldest free-standing buildings on planet earth, populated with strange carvings and human figurines, the famous 'gods and goddesses' of world prehistory.
2].  A Mighty Civilization - The Egyptians:  27 September
The oldest and most mysterious of all ancient civilizations.  We look at their advanced technology, new discoveries in satellite and DNA research, unimaginable treasures, where they went and what they achieved.
3].  Sailing With The Greeks: 18 October
Looks at the amazing archaeological and architectural discoveries associated with the empire of the ancient Greeks; then sets sail across the ocean with unique and previously unseen archaeological remains around the Mediterranean.
4].  Through The Mists Of Time – European Celts: 25 October
A visual feast of Scythian / Celtic archaeology, including development from origins in the east, Turkey, and Southern Russia, Bronze Age migration, art, culture, industry, society, and legends. Where did they go and where are they now ?
5].  From Pythagoras To The Wicker Man – The Druids: 1 November (half term week)
A look at all the actual surviving written sources for Druids in Classical times and our knowledge of what they actually believed; Greek, Roman, and Christian reactions to their encounters with Druids; archaeological sites, chance finds, legends and beliefs, and the Celtic Church. And what about the Druid Revival in recent years?
6].  Romans Part 1 – The Mediterranean: 8 November
A trip that takes us through the expanding Roman world to the fascinating development of modern culture as reflected by archaeological remains on Cyprus.
7].  Romans Part 2 – North Africa: 15 November
Amazingly preserved remains discovered in the northern half of Tunisia, the ancient city of Carthage, the Roman city of El Jem, and the Arabic cultures of Souse and Kairouan.
8].  Into The Jungles - Aztecs & Mayans: 22 November
Mysteries of the ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures of the Yucatan Peninsula, including the archaeological sites of Tulum, Coba and Chitchen Itza.
9].  Desert Cultures Of Morocco: 29 November
we look at the exciting nomadic and Islamic cultures that cover Morocco, from the Sahara Desert to Casablanca, from the frozen Atlas Mountains to the swaying cactus of the Atlantic Coast. And we'll throw in a few Vikings for good measure!
10].  Our Green & Pleasant Land – British Archaeology: 13 December
A look at the development and recent archaeological discoveries in the British Isles over the last two thousand years through many regional and national adventures.
Venue Wilmslow GuildWilmslow Guild
Day Thursday
Time 19:30 - 21:30
Tutor Mark Olly


Autumn Duration: 10 weeksPrice: £95.00
10 weeks