Folklore, Myths & Legend Thursdays 19.30 2017/18

Course begins Thursday 28 September

A subject-driven introduction into the myths of Britain old & new

1]. The Real Da Vinci Code & Biblical Mysteries Of The Modern Age: The Real Da Vinci Code includes such topics as: the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, Creation & Evolution, Genesis, Fossil Discoveries, Giants, Noah's Ark, Human Species & DNA, the Exodus, Moses, Bible Codes, Jerusalem, Jesus, The Real Crucifixion, Burial, the Tomb Of Christ, Turin Shroud,
Mary Magdalene, Hidden Mysteries, Decoy Sites, the Virgin Mary, etc all in stunning detail.  Far better than the book.
2]. Roman Britain, The Celts & The Disappearing Ninth Legion: Based on the popular book 'The Disappearing Ninth Legion' we look at the somewhat turbulent history of the Romans and Celts in Britain from the first failed invasion by Julius Caesar, uprising of Boudicca, creation of the Roman legacy, potential annihilation of the Ninth Legion, building of Hadrian's wall, and decline to the end of the Roman occupation with theories for the actual end of the Ninth Legion. BOOK NOW IN PRINT.
3]. Revealing The Green Man: New archaeological & historical evidence for the Prehistoric Solar Copper & Fertility cult of the Green Man in the European Bronze and Iron Age. Includes Egyptian Origins, Celts, Druids, Alderley Edge, The Great Orme Llandudno, Lindow & Lindow Man, Knutsford Royal May Day, Medieval Churches, Foresters,International Variations, etc.
We also look in more detail at the mysteries of Alderley Edge, one of the most magical & mysterious sites in the North West including mines, caves, burials, landscape, mysteries and legends. BOOK NOW IN PRINT.
4]. The Polychronicon Of Merlin, Joseph & Arthur: Hard evidence is put forward to establish Arthur & his men in North Wales, Wirral, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Lancashire & Staffordshire revealing actual map locations for battles, burial sites, main characters, Camelot, Avalon, & much more.
5]. Vikings In The Norse West: They came from the land of the ice & snow in large numbers but where's the evidence? How can such a cultural in-flux arrive over 300 years & not leave tangible archaeology & DNA?
This talk confirms the evidence we all assume to be there but not always with the popular viewpoint upheld.
6]. The Knights Templar & Other Orders Of Knights: The philosophies of the Middle East arrive in Medieval Europe. Jerusalem & The Crusades, Warrior Monks, history of the orders,
Hospitallers, Templars, Knights of Rhodes & Malta, Teutonic Knights, Gothic Architecture, Templar Mysteries, Freemasons, the orders today, traditions kept alive for almost 600 years from the Vikings to the English Civil War. Was it just the Church at war or much more than just mere Crusades?
7]. The Life & Times Of The Real Robyn Hoode: The life & times of the real Robyn Hoode revealed for the first time with lots of new discoveries, archaeological & historical evidence, dates & sites, the real 'Maid Marian & the Merry Men', how & why his area of operation appears so large, & why he has become the archetypal British Medieval hero the world over.
8]. Witches, Wizards & Tales Of The Occult: Down the centuries the female contribution to British spirituality has often been undervalued, yet in prehistoric times it appears man was the worshipper & the goddess the worshipped! From the Venus figures of Europe, laws passed against them by Hebrews,Romans, & Saxons, to the 'Burning Times' of the Middle Ages, all the way to the 'coming out' of the 20th Century, plus the intriguing part the North West had to play in the current world-wide revival. Also an eye-opening look at the rituals, signs & symbols, practices, and characters of such organizations as the Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits & The Holy Office, Rosicrucians, & many more. Is the world just controlled by power & might or is it all a kind of magic?
9]. Vampires & The Devil: A tongue-in-cheek backward look at the guy in the red pyjamas that takes apart the Devil today; then we go backwards into history. Who or what is the Devil? Origins, History, Documentation, Visual Representations, original source, etc. And in ancient times everyone believed in some kind of walking dead that could take life from the living. In this comprehensive examination we take a journey through the primitive fears of the past, through horrors & realities of the medieval world, the science of the enlightened age, & into the terrifying modern day mixture of film, television, & reality!
10]. UFO'S, Crystal Skulls & Human Heads: An over-view of the last decade of strange sightings, unusual encounters, & generally weird images that often defy rational explanation, followed by a scientific historical examination of various ancient human species through world-wide archaeological discoveries of elongated and genetically extended human skulls, representations of the human head, ancient head cults, artificial head stretching, modern scientific analysis of the brain, life, death, and silicon crystal technology. This presentation goes to the very heart of who we are, what we are, and where we came from. UFO DVD OUT NOW
Venue Wilmslow GuildWilmslow Guild
Day Thursday
Time 19:30 - 21:30
Tutor Mark Olly

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