Science Matters Lectures Mondays 19.30 2017/18

Another series of exciting, entertaining, informative and thought provoking science and technology lectures with leading scientists talking about their work. The lecturers are mostly new to Wilmslow Guild and their lectures will be of interest to scientist and non-scientist alike. The lectures will cover a wide range of subjects.

Sept 18 -   Dr Sarah Lindley  Geographical Information Systems Research (GIS) Manchester University
Sept 25 -   Professor Persaud, Professor of Chemoreception, Department of Chemical Engineering and Analtytic Science Manchester University. Research into olfaction from physiology to chemistry. Olfaction is a chemoreception that forms the sense of smell.
Oct 2 -   Professor Matthew Cobb, Professor of Zoology Manchester University . A regular contributor in the media will talk about The Brave new world of gene editing
Oct 9 -   CANCELLED (To be Re-scheduled)
Professor Paul Obrien Professor of Inorganic Materials, Manchester University. Nano technology developing materials for organic electronics. Molecular machines- molecular components which move in response to specific stimuli
Oct 16 -  Professor Danielle George Professor of Radio Frequency engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Manchester University . Gave the BBC Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2016. Also in June 2017 she researched and presented a BBC 1 programme about unsung inventors in the North West who changed the world. She has been involved in creating a robot orchestra which played at the Bridgewater Hall earlier this year. An excellent communicator Prof George can lecture on a variety of topics and her lecture topic will be announced later.
Oct 23 Half Term
Oct 30 -  Professor Ian Cotton Professor of High Voltage technology, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ,Manchester University . High voltages and the equipment used on the grid and high voltage systems used in aerospace systems such as the 787 and A350 planes working at 1000 volts.
Nov 6 - Dr Aarvind Vijayaraghavan Lecturer in Nanomaterials, School of Materials, Manchester University. The development of Graphene in Manchester
Nov 13 -  Dr Stephen Lynch Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University.  Brain Inspired Computing
Nov 20 -   Dr Kirstie Andrews Senior Lecturer in Engineering Materials and Biomedical Engineering. Will give a talk on biomedical engineering research.
Nov 27 -  Dr George Burghel Principal Clinical Scientist, Genomic Diagnostic Laboratory, Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, Central Manchester University Hospital Trust. The talk will centre on DNA and genome medicine research in Manchester including the 100000 genomes project.
Venue Wilmslow GuildWilmslow Guild
Day Monday
Time 19:30 - 21:30
Tutor Various Tutors

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