Too nice to say NO! Saturday 11 May 2019

Assertiveness is one of the most useful skills you can have in your social repertoire. It's a skill you had in childhood, but it may have gone astray somewhere along the way.

Non- assertive behaviour is something we have unconsciously learned. It may have helped keep us safe in the past. And it may have been encouraged by the family. But if you decide that it's time to get more of what you want in life, then you can learn to be assertive and it doesn't mean you'll be creating enemies on the way.

On this one day workshop, you will learn techniques that can put you in the driving seat of your life.

Topics for the day will include:

* How assertive are you? Which of the four behaviour types are you?

* How to be empowered – without being bullying or belligerent

* The secrets of saying 'No' with style – while keeping good relationships with friends and colleagues

* Confronting others when it's time for your to put your foot down

* Techniques to cope with difficult feelings that might throw you off track

* Handling criticism without feeling crushed

* Why people may actually find you easier to be around you once you lose your fear of saying what you want.

Feel free to bring examples of your own situations and challenges that you would be happy to discuss in the group.

Who should come on this course?

Anyone who feels they never get their needs met, who 'always gives in' and goes along with what others want. Anyone who finds they can be assertive in some situations but not others. And anyone who finds their 'assertive' conversations sometimes get out of control and tempers flare.

Judi Goodwin has handled many difficult situations (most of them successfully with tact and diplomacy) in her 30 year career as a journalist. She is now a full time trainer and life coach and has worked with life term prisoners, people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, groups with mental health issues and people with AIDS and HIV. She is an NLP Practitioner.

What previous participants said:

" Every part of the course was relevant. Feel rather more empowered now!"

" Well constructed exercises and good strategies to employ in the future

"I have realised some personal means of past dealings have not been best practice. Now I have tools to handle future things in a different way."

Venue Wilmslow GuildWilmslow Guild
Day Saturday
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Tutor Judi Goodwin


Summer Duration: 1 weekPrice: £32.00
1 week