Beginners Cake Decoration (2) Thursdays 19.00 2017/18

This class will cover the basics of preparing cakes and cupcakes using fondant and buttercream icing and the most current decorative techniques and finishes. 
No previous cake decorating experience is required but a basic competence in baking is preferable as students will be expected to bring baked and cooled sponges to the classes ready to be worked on. 
The course will be based around tutor demonstrations and independent work supported by the tutor. Whilst I have planned a comprehensive 10 week course there will also be the opportunity for flexibility should the group want to cover a particular technique.
Week 1: An introduction to good ingredients, how to make vanilla soaking syrup and the perfect buttercream. Students will level, soak, fill, stack and coat a simple sponge cake.
Week 2: An introduction to cupcakes- filling cupcakes with a 'hidden centre', buttercream swirls, multi- coloured swirls, fondant tops and simple bakery-style palette-knife finishes.
Week 3: Applying a smooth fondant icing coat to a sponge cake. Students will attach the cake to a board, level, soak and fill their sponge before applying a smooth base of fondant upon which to decorate.
Week 4: Using 'Russian Piping Tips' - an introduction to this new and innovative buttercream technique used to create beautiful, simple piped flowers.
Week 5: 'Drip Cakes' - students will create and decorate this modern and popular style cake, this has proved to be a huge success this term! It's a stylish and effective way to create a fab looking cake.
Week 6: Sugar flowers- an introduction to simple sugar blooms such as daisies, roses, gerberas, hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and leaves.
Week 7: 'Petal' buttercream cake- another simple but highly effective way to decorate a party cake. Students will use three shades of buttercream to create an ombré effect around the sides and top of their cake.
Week 8: Using silicone moulds to create a range of decorative elements - buttons, flowers, shells, leaves, knit-effect etc. 
Week 9: Making decorative elements with which to decorate the students' own original design. This is a preparation week for the final week 10.
Week 10: Final, consolidation week! Students will create their own design, this can be totally original or a copy of something they particularly want to make.
Venue Wilmslow High SchoolWilmslow High School
Day Thursday
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Tutor Vanessa McBride

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