Observational drawing with life drawing, still live and architecture Thursdays 13.30 2018/19

The course is suited for all levels of experience. Beginners are very welcome.  Class commences 28 February, last session 4 April 2019
This course alternates between life drawing, sketching the clothed figure, drawing large (and small) still lives and architecture. We will practise the craft of sketching by channelling our observations of the model or object into a structured drawing process. This can be learnt by all!
We will learn how to draw simplified shapes of what we observe and gradually make our drawings more complex by correcting previous mistakes and adding extra detail.  
We will also explore how to use lines to bring feeling and emotion to our artwork, and combine all this with colour.
These techniques give us the skills to draw what we see, no matter what subject, and establish an independent drawing practice that can continue away from the course sessions. This can keep you busy for the rest of your life!  Observational drawing is a core practice of all visual arts and it supports other visual arts projects that the learners might undertake. 
A large portion of our sessions will include drawing the nude and clothed figure as our curiosity to observe and study the shape of our own kind is such a powerful motivation to get us drawing.
Observational drawing is a fascinating creative process that allows you to connect with the environment and can raise questions about how people and things have become the shape they are.
Sabine will support each learner individually on their drawing journey and encourage lively and relaxed learning in a group where participants can share and talk about what works well for them and where they find things difficult.

Week 1: Life drawing

Week 2: Life drawing and drawing the clothed figure

Week 3: Sketching still life

Week 4: Still life and colour techniques

Week 5: Drawing outdoors: Architecture and landscape

Week 6: Figure with architecture and environment

Sabine Kussmaul  is visual artist and fashion designer who has many years of experience teaching drawing. She holds a PGCE(FE) and Masters in Fine Art and is currently starting to research drawing and installation at the University of Chester. 
Venue Dean Row Community CentreDean Row Community Centre
Day Thursday
Time 13:30 - 15:30
Tutor Sabine Kussmaul


Spring Duration: 6 weeksPrice: £57.00
6 weeks